Celebrate 50 years of Cap Classique

2021 sees Cap Classique celebrate 50 years of producing South Africa’s leading sparkling wine – a milestone in the country’s proud 360-year winemaking history.

What are Cap Classique wines and why are they special?

South Africa’s premium Cap Classique sparkling wines have been bottle-fermented and crafted in the Méthode Champenoise, producing wines which rival Champagne in quality.  The wines are predominantly produced using two of Champagne’s principal grape varieties – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  However, they don’t carry the price tag of the world’s top sparkling wines and therefore present amazing value, so everyone can find a bottle to fit their budget.

Do Cap Classique wines come in different styles?

Perfected by time, Cap Classique wines spend a minimum of 12 months on the lees giving the wines real depth and complexity with the ultra-premium prestige wines ageing for 3+ years on the lees.  Whatever your sparkling wine preference, there will be a bottle to suit you as they range from the very dry (Ultra Brut / Brut Nature) to the dry (Brut) to sweeter end of the scale (the Demi-Secs now commonly known as ‘Nectar’).

When is the best time to drink Cap Classique wines?

Cap Classique encapsulates everything the South Africans love – experiencing great moments with friends and family with good food and a glass in hand.  In South Africa these wines are not saved for special occasions but enjoyed whenever the time feels right.  Now, more than at any other time, we need no excuse to open a bottle of something delicious as we start sharing special moments together again.

This year promises to be the summer of the picnic and there are few nations on earth who enjoy the great outdoors more than the South Africans so now it’s time to channel the South African spirit.  Whether you are planning a laid-back lunch or a gourmet extravaganza a bottle of Cap Classique will elevate your picnic to something special.

How to match Cap Classique wines with food?

These wines can be enjoyed on their own but the versatility of Cap Classique’s many styles and complex flavours shout out for a food pairing.  Everyone has their own preferences and one of the many pleasures of enjoying wine is finding your own perfect matches.  However, a few great picnic pairings are suggested below…

The citric notes in the Blanc de Blancs (made exclusively from Chardonnay) are a classic pairing with seafood or creamy cheeses such as camembert

Try the seriously food-friendly rosés matched with roast lamb or a stronger-flavoured fish such as salmon on the barbeque.

Vegetarian dishes containing the earthiness of mushrooms go brilliantly with a Blanc de Noirs (a white sparkling wine made with red grapes such as Pinot Noir)

A classic cuvée can take centre stage with cold chicken drumsticks or oily fish such as smoked salmon.

No meal is complete without pudding and one of the sweet styles such as the demi-sec (Nectar) is a great match for something chocolatey or a fruit-based dessert.

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