Mollydooker are something special. The name is Australian slang for Left-Hander, and the estate is responsible for crafting four of only 24 Australian wines to receive 99 points from Robert Parker in the last 10 years. When asked how the estate is able to achieve such richness and concentration in their wines, Sarah and Sparky Marquis place the reasoning firmly on their vineyard watering programme. It focuses on nurturing strong and healthy vines with balanced canopy growth to achieve the most intense fruit flavours possible. The amazing fruit achieved in the vineyard is exactly what creates the ‘Marquis Fruit Weight’ in the wine; the sensation of fruit that sits on your tongue before the structure of the wine is exposed. The higher the Fruit Weight, the more intense and rich the flavours in the finished wine.  With the Frontier list focused primarily on subtlety and delicate expression of terrior, how wonderful it is to be able to sing the praises of an estate which produces such opulent, fruit-dense styles. Always in balance and pitched at seemingly impossible levels, they simply must be tasted to be appreciated. These are ‘off the charts’ kind of amazing and we love each and every one!

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