If you’ve started 2021 taking part in the Dry January challenge, why not consider the Darling Cellars De-alcoholised range of wines as a great non-alcoholic alternative to your usual tipple.

Darling Cellars De-alcoholised wines are different from other “wine alternatives”, such as alcohol-free wine or light wine in that it starts out as wine produced as any other “normal” wine, and then the alcohol is extracted by using clever technology that preserves the wine-origins best. (Spinning cone technology at low temperature under vacuum to leave no more than 0.5% alcohol per volume).

With the De-Alcoholised Shiraz and De-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc wines low in calories and vegan-friendly, Darling Cellars De-Alcoholised is a product range of varietals where the focus is on fruit driven, varietal true, value for money wines.

De-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc “100% Sauvignon Blanc with ripe tropical fruit, yellow peaches and gooseberries flavours complimented by fresh acidity and a lingering finish”

De-alcoholised Rosé “a Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache blend with ripe strawberries and sweet candyfloss on the nose following through to a balanced palate and lingering finish”

De-alcoholised Shiraz “100% Shiraz with hints of ripe red fruit, crushed black pepper, dried rose petals and candied cherries with well integrated French Oak tannins”