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Waterford Estate is situated in the picturesque Blaauwklippen Valley on the Helderberg Mountain in Stellenbosch. The estate is owned by the Ord family and has been developed under the watchful eye of Kevin Arnold, Cellarmaster and Managing Partner, since 1998. Utilising the latest sustainability research, the estate uses only 120 hectares of their land for vines, to preserve and protect the natural fauna and flora on the estate.

Tim Atkin MW assessed the estate as being a ‘first growth’ within South Africa in his 2019 report. The wines are indeed highly garlanded, recognised for their restraint and poise. The aim of the estate is ‘less is more’ to ensure the wines express their vineyard sites to the fullest. ‘We keep things simple, both inside and outside of the cellar’, says viticulturist David van Schalkwyk, ‘We try to interfere as little as possible, allowing nature to do its job. In this way, our wines also have the best chance of truly reflecting Waterford Estate’s unique environment’. Winemaker Mark le Roux adds, ‘interfering as little as possible doesn’t mean the team gets to go on holiday more often! Finding ways to improve or maintain wine quality without manipulation is an art’.

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